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Jaimini Scholar Program replicating the original by Pt. Sanjay Rath @Himalayas

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B. Lakshmi Ramesh

B. Lakshmi Ramesh b_lakshmi_ramesh@… Personal Blog JSP India ‘Sri Srinivasa’, 18-1-10/13, Ramachandra Nagar, K.T. road, Tirupati, AP 517507, India (91)0877-2234897, +91-9059610929 fb/BLakshmiRamesh1 @BLakshmiRamesh Background Smt. B. Lakshmi Ramesh’s pious parents undertook a Pan-India pilgrimage culminating in Badrinath in 1959, praying for the birth of a devout child. Through the grace of Devi Bala Tripurasundari & […]

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Sarbani Rath

Background 15B Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi, India 110060 +91-11-42430122, +91-9810449850 Sarbani.Rath@devaguru.com Twitter Updates WebPages FB Sarbani Rath Born on the Thirtieth day of June 1962 in Calcutta, India at seventeen minutes past midnight, to very pious parents Ashoke Kumar Sarkar and Aloka, who were the third generation in the Sarkar family directly associating with […]

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Sagittarius Publications

Sagittarius Publications is the publisher and distributor the popular quaterly magazine the Jyotish Digest, as well as many thorough books on the subject of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish.
Among its popular publications are Collected Papers in Vedic Astrology, Brihat Nakshatra and Maharishi Jaimini Upadesa Sutra by Sanjay Rath and Jyotisha Fundamentals by Visti Larsen
www: http://sagittariuspublications.com
Phone: +91-11-45641849
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday; 9 AM - 5 PM

Learn from Tradition

Sohamsa offers online courses in jyotish (Vedic Astrology) taught directly by Sanjay Rath as per the tradition, through narrated power points and other audio tools. The courses are at different levels, from the beginners through the intermediate to the advanced and are known as SoHamsa | DBC courses. These courses have individual classrooms and assistant teachers for guidance as well as discussion forums. Learn the original BPHS, Jaimini Sutra or Mantra Shastra.
Certificate Course, Jaimini Scholars
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