New PJC Members

  • Some of you have joined PJC Year-1 and have made direct debit payments to the bank account. Since the details provided by the bank are quite difficult for us non-bankers to figure out, you are requested to email the director Pt. Sanjay Rath at so that the needful maybe done.
  • The course is about to start and you will have access to the pre-PJC lessons which is meant to get you into tune with the course work.
  • Most of the informal talking and discussions are held in WhatsApp. Please download WhatsApp to you phone and computer so that you can join this group and be uptodate with lessons
  • In future if we have better communication platforms, we shall use the same
  • Each mentor is free to choose their own platform/software for online classes. For example Sanjay uses, Sarbani uses GoToMeeting, Visti uses ZoomMeeting …Your mentors will inform you of the software they use. It will be wise to download the relevant app to your computer and have a good speaker system to listen clearly.