Jyoti Narang


Jyoti Narang grew up in Mysore. Mysore is a heritage city, famous for its royal heritage, palaces, and architectural wonders and ‘Jambu Savāri’ (Mysore Dasara). On vijayadaśamī, Goddess cāmuṇḍeśvarī is carried out on procession, on a golden throne carried by the royal decorated elephant. cultural troupes displaying tradition and folk also participate in the procession.
Few temples in and around the Mysore Palace are śveta Varāhasvamy Temple and Mahālakṣmī temple, Koṭi Someśvara Temple, Lakṣmiramana Swamy Temple, Kote Añjaneya and Gaṇeśa.
Jyoti’s grandmother shared some ‘pearls of wisdom’, which seem to be relevant even today, she was the most cherished grandchild. In her school days, she learnt a little bit of classical dance, singing and Traditional Mysore style paintings. At school Jyoti learnt Hindi and Kannada, she is now learning Sanskrit.
Jyoti’s kids, most of the time loved to listen to stories of Kṛṣṇa. The most interesting story was “Prahlād” and singing Achyutāṣṭakam. At fourteen, Jyoti visited the Amritsar, golden temple which was the beginning to her curiosity, on how the sages practiced tapas, tying their ‘jata’ to a wooden beam, so that they don’t fall asleep. Why did they do tapasyā? for what? what were they seeking? and so many thoughts. She feels blessed to have studied Jyotiṣh. She had the opportunity to deliver a couple of talks on this divine subject in a simplest way at a community temple.


Jyoti has sailed this journey, under guidance of Guruji Pandit Sanjay Rath and under mentorship of Smt Sarbani Rath belonging to the Parampara of Sri Achyutānanda. She has completed Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course and Mantra Śāstra Programs. Currently she is studying Jaimini Scholar Program, Śiva Mahāpurāṇa and Bṛhaspati Jyotiṣa Course.