Upagraha is derived from graha with ‘upa’ implying inferiority as in a child, considered a minor planet and child of one of the seven planets. Kāla and other upagraha are but the seven children of the graha having similar genetic traits but in a more extreme manner.
It is said that one of these upagraha afflicting the Sun can ruin one’s dynasty (lineage, family) while Lagna afflicted by an upagraha blocks understanding and intelligence. We have found this to be true with the dispositor of the upagraha rather than the upagraha themselves, particularly nakṣatra dispositor.
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Aprakāśa Graha

Aprakāśa means without light and refers to the FIVE points which destroy the light from the pañca tattva. In total there are twelve dark sub-planets of which five are aprakāśa graha and the other seven are the upagraha. A very detailed explanation about the aprakāśa graha, their calculations and how to use them in charts – has been taught by Parāśara.

It is good to do these calculations once for your own chart so that you get a first hand knowledge of exactly how they are calculated.
This is a full day (10-12 hour slide presentation) and the website will

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Rāśi Dṛṣṭi

Rasi Drsti

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